2024 Indy Combine's Key Results may be Medicals

Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. has long history of injuries. Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. has long history of injuries. Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

While there is always a lot of chatter about the running and jumping at the Indianapolis Combine for CFB draft hopefuls, the most important results may be determined by what the by what the doctors say. 

More than 30 of the 321 prospects go into the 2024 combine with reason for concern over MRI's or other films not of their play on the field.  

Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. is the star in this area, much to his dismay. Penix managed to make it through the last two seasons at Washington without a significant injury and put on a great show. But when he was at Indiana his medical issues were so alarming that they are impacting his rating in this draft. NFLDraftScout.com, along with most NFL teams, is taking a wait-and-see. Despite showing extraordinary skill the last two seasons, Penix is rated  only No. 38 on the NDS list.

Some teams are so concerned that they will not draft Penix unless he falls so far that he is worth the gamble. That is what we are told.

Penix tore his ACL in 2018 and 2020. He also had shoulder injuries in 2019 and 2021. 

Among others with first round potential who have medical issues are LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels (concussion in November), Georgia Tight end Brock Bowers (ankle surgery in October), Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins (leg injury late September) and Iowa cornerback Cooper DeJean (leg injury, November).

There is also the  tragic tale of Florida State quarterback Jordan Davis whose season ended on November 18 with a knee injury. His absence caused havoc in the College Football Playoffs when undefeated FSU was excluded from the final four. Travis, a preseason Heisman Trophy contender, threw for 2,756 yards, 20 touchdowns and two interceptions and rushed for 176 yards and while leading the No. 5 overall Seminoles to an 11-0 record until he was injured. Hard to say where teams have him ranked, but NDS  rates him at 258 overall. 

Here is a list of 113 draft-eligible players with injury concerns, including 12 rated in the top 95: 

Count NDS Rating Player Position College Injuries/Transfers
1 3 Caleb Williams QB Southern California (+) Coming off 12-2-22 Hamstring INJ...Transfer from Oklahoma
2 4 Jayden Daniels QB LSU (+) Coming off 11-04-23 Concussion/Transfer from Arizona State
3 5 Brock Bowers TE Georgia (+) Coming off 10-14-23 Ankle INJ
4 13 Nate Wiggins CB Clemson (+) Coming off 09-23-23 Leg INJ
5 22 Cooper DeJean CB Iowa (+) Coming off Nov 2023 Leg INJ
6 38 Michael Penix QB Washington (+)  ACL 2018, 2020; Shld 2019, 2021; Transfer from Indiana
7 40 Ladd McConkey WR Georgia (+) Coming off Aug 2023 Back INJ
8 42 Xavier Worthy WR Texas (+) Coming off 12-2-23 Ankle INJ
9 45 Zach Frazier C West Virginia (+) Coming off Nov 2023 Leg INJ
10 65 Jonathon Brooks RB Texas (+) 11-11-23 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
11 76 Cade Stover TE Ohio State (+) Coming off 12-31-22 Back INJ
12 95 Kiran Amegadjie OG Yale (+) Oct 2023 Quad INJ/Out for 2023
13 107 Braelon Allen RB Wisconsin (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Ankle INJ
14 131 Will Shipley RB Clemson (+) Coming off Jan 2024 Leg INJ
15 141 Michael Pratt QB Tulane (+) Coming off Sept 23 Knee INJ
16 154 Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint WR Georgia (+) Coming off 11-07-20 Leg INJ
17 166 Jarvis Brownlee Jr. CB Louisville (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Transfer from Florida State
18 186 Tayvion Robinson WR Kentucky (+) Coming off Jan 2024 Undisclosed INJ
19 190 Miyan Williams RB Ohio State (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023
20 195 Jase McClellan RB Alabama (+) Coming off 10-02-21 Knee INJ
21 203 Kingsley Eguakun C Florida (+) Coming off Aug 2023 Undisclosed INJ
22 216 Erick All TE Iowa (+) 10-14-23 Knee INJ/Out for 2023/Transfer from Michigan
23 225 Tanner McLachlan TE Arizona (+) Coming off Jan 2024 Undisclosed INJ...Transfer from Southern Utah
24 256 Jordan Travis QB Florida State (+) 11-18-23 Leg INJ/Out...Transfer from Louisville
25 260 Zak Zinter OG Michigan (+) 11-25-23 Knee/Leg INJ
26 309 Dylan McMahon C North Carolina State (+) Coming off Sept 2023 Knee INJ
27 313 John Rhys Plumlee QB Central Florida (+) Coming off Sept 2023 Knee INJ...Transfer from Mississippi
28 334 Prince Pines OG Tulane (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Elbow INJ...Double Transfer from Sam Houston/Baylor
29 342 DeCorian Clark WR Texas-San Antonio (+) Oct 2023 Leg INJ/Out for 2023
30 344 Rasheen Ali RB Marshall (+) Coming off Jan 2024 Biceps INJ
31 I-NR George Holani RB Boise State (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Lower Body INJ
32 I-NR Kamal Hadden CB Tennessee (+) Nov 2023 Shoulder INJ/Out for 2023
33 NR Derryk Snell FB Montana State (+) Oct 2023 Ankle INJ/Out for 2023
34 NR Garrett Shrader QB Syracuse (+) Coming off Dec 2023 Shoulder Surgery...Transfer from Mississippi State
35 NR Baylor Cupp TE Texas Tech (+) Coming off Shoulder/Ankle INJs/Transfer from Texas A&M
36 NR Gavin Hardison QB Texas-El Paso (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Arm INJ
37 NR Tanner Mordecai QB Wisconsin (+) 10-14-23 Hand INJ/Out...Double Transfer from Southern Methodist/Oklahoma
38 NR Jalen Green DE James Madison (+) 11-04-23 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
39 NR Jacoby Windmon OLB Michigan State (+) Sept 2023 Pectoral INJ/Out for 2023...Double Transfer from Michigan State/UNLV
40 NR DJ Irons QB Akron (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
41 NR Chez Mellusi RB Wisconsin (+) 09-23-23 Leg INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Clemson
42 NR Mosiah Nasili-Kite DT Auburn (+) Oct 2023 Biceps INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Maryland
43 NR Lorenzo Lingard RB Akron (+) Coming off Nov 2023 Arm INJ/Double Transfer from Florida/Miami
44 NR Kenneth Horsey OG Kentucky (+) Sept 2023 Leg INJ/Out
45 NR J.T. Shrout QB Arkansas State (+) Oct 2023 Ankle INJ/Out...Double Transfer from Colorado/Tennessee
46 NR Nasir Peoples SS Virginia Tech (+) 09-16-23 Foot INJ/Out
47 NR Rayshad Williams CB Texas Tech (+) Coming off April 2023 Sports Hernia/Transfer from UCLA
48 NR Daniel Green ILB Kansas State (+) Sept 2023 Pectoral/Out for 2023
49 NR Malik Jackson RB Jacksonville State (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out...Transfer from Louisiana-Monroe
50 NR Stefan Cobbs WR Boise State (+) Nov 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023
51 NR Devin Maddox WR Toledo (+) Coming off 09-08-23 Shoulder INJ
52 NR Joe Wilkins Jr. WR Miami (OH) (+) Nov 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out...Transfer from Notre Dame
53 NR Josh Ahern ILB Virginia (+) Oct 2023 Thumb INJ/Out
54 NR Rakeim Ashford SS North Carolina State (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
55 NR Preston Bacon WR Northwestern (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out
56 NR Greg Brooks Jr. FS LSU (+) Coming off 09-16-23 Head INJ...Transfer from Arkansas
57 NR Cole Cavallo FB Southern Miss (+) Sept 2023 Calf INJ/Out
58 NR Beau Corrales WR Texas State (+) Sept 2023 Shoulder INJ/Out...Double Transfer from Southern Methodist/North Carolina
59 NR Chris Curry RB Utah (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from LSU)
60 NR JT Daniels QB Rice (+) Retired/Concussions...Triple Transfer from West Virginia/Georgia/Southern California)
61 NR John Emery Jr. RB LSU (+) Knee INJ/Out for 2023
62 NR Ailym Ford RB Chattanooga (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
63 NR Zakhari Franklin WR Mississippi (+) Coming off 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Transfer from Texas-San Antonio
64 NR Nick Gallo TE Virginia Tech (+) Sept 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
65 NR Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda WR Nebraska (+) Sept 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
66 NR Kwauze Garland ILB Tennessee (+) Sept 2023 Upper Body INJ/Out for 2023
67 NR Justin Harrington SS Oklahoma (+) Sept 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
68 NR Frank Harris QB Texas-San Antonio (+) Coming off Dec 2023 Shoulder INJ
69 NR Austin Hence TE Western Michigan (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ...Transfer from Mercyhurst
70 NR Mike Hollins RB Virginia (+) Oct 2023 Neck INJ/Out
71 NR Tyneil Hopper FB Michigan State (+) Sept 2023 Leg INJ/Out...Transfer from Boise State)
72 NR John Humphreys WR Stanford (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out
73 NR Jarrett Jackson DT Michigan State (+) Sept 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out...Transfer from Louisville
74 NR Beau Johnson FB Georgia Southern (+) Coming off 10-29-20 Leg INJ/Out
75 NR Chase Jones OLB Wake Forest (+) Oct 2023 Concussion/Out
76 NR Perris Jones RB Virginia (+) Nov 2023 Back-Spine INJ/Out for 2023
77 NR Ale Kaho ILB UCLA (+) Oct 2023 Leg INJ/Out...Transfer from Alabama
78 NR Billy Kemp IV WR Nebraska (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out...Transfer from Virginia
79 NR Jordan Kerley WR Southern Methodist (+) Nov 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Arizona State
80 NR Ben Kiernan P North Carolina (+) Oct 2023 Lower Body INJ/Out for 2023
81 NR Zac Larrier QB Air Force (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Knee INJ
82 NR Justin Lockhart WR San Jose State (+) 09-09-23 Arm INJ/Out...Transfer from Nevada
83 NR Jaren Mangham RB Michigan State (+) Sept 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out...Double Transfer from South Florida/Colorado
84 NR DeJordan Mask FS Central Florida (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Texas State
85 NR Michael Mathison WR Western Kentucky (+) Sept 2023 Hip INJ/Out...Transfer from Akron
86 NR Semar Melvin CB Michigan State (+) Sept 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out...Transfer from Wisconsin
87 NR Isaiah Mullens DT Wisconsin (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out
88 NR RaJa Nelson WR North Dakota State (+) Coming off 12-09-22 Leg INJ
89 NR Raymond Niro III WR Northwestern (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out
90 NR Ryan OKeefe WR Boston College (+) Oct 2023 Neck INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Central Florida
91 NR Eli Pancol WR Duke (+) Aug 2023 Lower Body INJ/Out
92 NR Paul Piferi TE Purdue (+) Sept 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out
93 NR Mycah Pittman WR Utah (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023...Double Transfer from Florida State/Oregon
94 NR Hinckley Ropati RB Brigham Young (+) Aug 2023 Knee INJ-Out for 2023
95 NR Kacper Rutkiewicz WR Northern Illinois (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Lower Body INJ/Transfer from Illinois State
96 NR Matt Salerno WR Notre Dame (+) Sept 2023 Leg INJ/Out
97 NR Brendan Schlittler OG Liberty (+) Aug 2023 Lower Body INJ-Out for 2023
98 NR Mike Smith Jr. ILB Baylor (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Liberty
99 NR Kavosiey Smoke RB Colorado (+) Coming off 10-3-20 Rib INJ/Transfer from Kentucky
100 NR Cole Spencer OG Texas Tech (+) Oct 2023 Foot INJ/Out...Transfer from Western Kentucky)
101 NR Jake Stebbins ILB Cornell (+) Sept 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023
102 NR George Takacs TE Boston College (+) Nov 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Notre Dame)
103 NR Warren Thompson WR Texas Christian (+) Nov 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023/Double Transfer from Arkansas/Florida State
104 NR Sidney Walker C Buffalo (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Transfer from Connecticut
105 NR Marcus Washington WR Nebraska (+) Oct 2023 Knee INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Texas
106 NR Zion Webb QB Jacksonville State (+) Coming off Oct 2023 Concussion
107 NR Jalen White RB Georgia Southern (+) Coming off Nov 2023 Undisclosed INJ
108 NR Marquis Wilson CB Purdue (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023...Transfer from Penn State
109 NR Collin Wilson WR Washburn (+) Coming off 2023 Collarbone INJ
110 NR Sackett Wood Jr. TE Virginia (+) Coming off Sept 2023 Undisclosed INJ
111 NR Ben Wooldridge QB Louisiana (+) 09-16-23 Foot INJ/Out...Transfer from Fresno State
112 NR Thomas Yassmin TE Utah (+) Oct 2023 Undisclosed INJ/Out for 2023
113 NR Dante Zanders TE Florida (+) Coming off Aug 2023 Lower Body INJ

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